Travel Information

Need to fly to Cape Town International airport (CPT). For transfer from the airport we recommend either:

  • Using what your accomodation recommends, most guest houses and hotels have deals with good shuttle companies.
  • Uber is generally a good option in South Africa, there is a clearly marked (though often busy) dedicated pickup area at the airport.

Local Travel

Within Stellenbosch largely anything you will need (including the venue, accommodatin, and leisure) is within walking distance. Beyond that Uber is very good in South Africa, both for short trips and longer trips (e.g. going to and from Cape Town is not very cheap by Uber, but perfectly doable and quite convenient).


There are many good options, guest houses on Neethling street in particular. Do pay attention when booking, there are many kinds of accommodation available. We also recommend staying at a place within the easily walkable town center, roughly outlined: